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Lovell Technology: 6 months of wasted research

Lovell Technology: 6 months of wasted research

Duncan Riley> every now and then a company tries to launch a product aimed at bloggers that is just so very bad in its promotion that I can’t help that laugh. Lovell Technology has launched BlogSoldiers in a media release (I’m not linking because its not worth it, cut and paste if you’re really keen). I won’t indulge in picking it to pieces bit by bit (I’ve bolded some of the really bad bits) but I will say this, that the product, and the media release and it’s corny hype, are 6 months of research poorly spent.

Bloggers all over the Internet are very excited about the launch of A brand new innovative resource for driving traffic to your Blog. is a free advertising service exclusively for Bloggers and designed to get people visiting and reading your Blogs. 2005 has been deemed the “Year of the Blog” with over 9 million blogs online to date and over 40,000 new blogs being added to the Blogosphere daily….Pat Lovell, founder of Lovell Technology, LLC has spent the last 6 months researching Blogs. “Anytime we venture into a new market, I always spend time getting to know the market and the people involved. This gives our company a clear understanding of the needs of Bloggers both experienced and those new to the industry.

But just in case you think I’m being too harsh, the web site states “Blog Soldiers Launches with Huge Media Response” then lists Google and Yahoo! News as being 2 sites featuring the launch, something available at PRWeb for just about anyone with some spare money in their pocket and a dodgy media release. :-)

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  • Its a shame they didn’t do a bit of testing prior to release – for a while you could surf their program as much as you like but all you saw was the same blogsoldiers blog over and over

  • I find it amusing that you are criticising a web site that is a free resource for Bloggers. Feel free to email me and “pick apart” my program. I welcome your criticism and any suggestions you have. We had much more press than listed on the website, those were all the most familiar and recognizable. My research is well documented.

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