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Major Sex Scandal amongst A-List bloggers

Major Sex Scandal amongst A-List bloggers

Actually there isn’t a major sex scandal amongst A-List bloggers, but I couldn’t help myself after reading Paul Murphy’s latest post at ZDNet. He starts with:

“Various talkback contributors have at times accused me of writing headlines and blogs purely to provoke page reads. Most of the time I dismiss those as ad hominem attacks committed out of ignorance and frustration.”

You can read the rest by following the link, but this quote was interesting:

“Here’s what I do: I troll shamelessly, but for talkbacks, not page hits. It’s talkbacks that make this blogging business fun, and if there’s a million flakes out there who know that clicking on my blog won’t make them feel better about their own decisions to get along by going along? Well, too bad – I’d rather get a sensible talkback complaining that I’m smearing all Wintel bigots with the same brush again than cater to them”

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In blog speak I think he means Trackbacks…but it’s still an interesting strategy

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