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Make way for “Mom 3.0”: Blogging, vlogging, twittering parents tune into tech

Make way for “Mom 3.0”: Blogging, vlogging, twittering parents tune into tech

Two-thirds of moms use five or more forms of technology every day to stay in touch with their families, consume and compose content, and manage their lives.

That’s according to recent research from BSM Media, published in “Mom 3.0: Marketing with Today’s Mothers by Leveraging New Media & Technology”.

The report predicts that video blogs (vlogs), podcasts, social networking and microblogging will increase in popularity over the coming year.

Four out of five moms have watched two or more videos in the last week compared to just one-third who have read blogs, while the availability of cheap and compact camcorders allows them to record their own video journals for sharing online.

Two out of three moms said that video is an appealing format because it is more easily adaptable to their lifestyles.

Though podcasts may be losing some appeal in the tech sector, the increasingly ubiquity of MP3 players among parents (over 80% of moms, own one compared to just 20% in 1999) means that they could be a more important form of media.

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Adding weight to the argument that Twitter will go mainstream in 2009, the report suggests that moms will increasingly use such services this year, along with instant messaging and mobile phone SMS, to stay in touch with their families.

I’m not sure about the “Mom 3.0” tag, but it’s certainly true that parents are using a lot more technology and online services these days to stay in touch with both family and peers.

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  • lol. Mom 3.0. Perhaps the only reason that we are seeing a shift in the ‘Mom’ behavior is because we’re dealing with new ‘moms’ from a different generation. ie. Are we still counting the same women surveyed in 1999, just aged 10 years? Or are we surveying a new set of moms, the same age as those previous moms were?

    Flawed study perhaps?

    The younger the generation, the more tech savvy. I would presume that they would be more technical than their predecessors. :-)

  • That’s true, and yes that plays a role, though I know of older mums who are also using tech a lot more – maybe not Twitter, perhaps, but certainly Facebook and, to some extent, blogging.

  • I did a demographics survey a while back and after evaluation, I learned that:
    18-24: 10.9%
    25-34: 32.6%
    35-44: 40.2%
    45-60: 16.3%

    are tech savvy! This survey was available to all my readers across all 4 of my blogs and twitter.

    I do think that the “older” generation is catching up quickly and am excited to see it all happen before my eyes:) Even my 80yr old grandma wants her own blog!

  • Haha. Your grandmother wants a blog?! Well, you know, that is something I would read.

    For some reason, older people fascinate me… probably because they’ve done so much living. My grandma, for example, lived back when there were no consumer electronics… before the days of televisions and microwaves. And when radio broadcasts were just becoming popular. lol.

    I would love to see how she views the world, since she’s seen it change so much! Unfortunately, my gma doesn’t have blogging in her future. … She’s still fascinated with remote controls. :-)

  • There’s definitely a lot to be said for the older generation contributing online. As you say, Shirley, there’s so much worthwhile information and experience that could be tapped.

    Perhaps it would take a dedicated child or grandchild to blog on their behalf? :)

  • I’m pregnant and my husband and I have been blogging about our unique journey secretly. I’ve been using Twitter quite a bit and have met a lot of great people there.

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