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Mark Evans interviews Daniel Ha of Disqus

Mark Evans interviews Daniel Ha of Disqus

Mark Evans has posted an interview with Daniel Ha of Disqus.

If you’re not familiar with Disqus, it’s a blog commenting service that provides commenting functionality for blogs and other websites – and includes some pretty snazzy features such as the ability to respond to comments via email.

Disqus has been increasing in popularity amongst bloggers since its launch in 2006.

Here’s a snippet of what Daniel talked with Mark about:

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How did you decide on developing a blog commenting service? What did you do to create a service that bloggers wanted?

The gap between forums and blog comments was actually quite small. One of the initial ideas involved bridging communities across forums; we learned that this was much more applicable to blogs, especially since a lot of the conversation happens right in a blog’s comments. The first few versions of Disqus was relatively light and bare-bones. We allowed a lot of focus and direction to be directly influenced by what bloggers were passionate about. Along the way, I’ve been learning a lot about bloggers and the communities they run. It helps greatly in deciding the direction of the service.

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