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Mark Evans Launches Twitterrati

Mark Evans Launches Twitterrati

It is obviously fashionable to launch Twitter focused blogs these days, with Darren Rowse’s TwiTip that launched recently (don’t miss the interview!), and now Mark Evans joins the fray with Twitterrati. He describes it like this in a launch post on his blog:

Twitterrati is going to cover the microblogging landscape by looking at what the key players (Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku,, Plurk, etc.) are doing, the growing number of related tools and services being developed, as well as the trend of microblogging and how it’s being used.

So not just Twitter then, but microblogging in general. Sounds like a plan. Visit Twitterati for more.

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  • Graeme,

    Thanks for noting the two “Rs”. In an ideal world, I would have registered Twitterati but it’s being used by a English design and communications firm.



  • Seems like I was ahead of the game when I launched back in April!

    It’s cool to see some other people writing about similar topics, although seeing Darren Rowse launch with a large number of followers because of his previous work did make me pause for thought having been building up 140char from scratch!

    I just hope we don’t end up with 100 new blogs all covering the same content, and that everyone in the space can start finding ways to work together to make some interesting and unique content.

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