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Marqui officially launches cash for comment program, Marqui 17 named

Marqui officially launches cash for comment program, Marqui 17 named

CMS company Marqui, previously mentioned here on 25 Nov, has officially launched its cash for comment program today with a boast that the publicity has resulted in 244,000 Google Hits in One Week.
The company has also revealed the list of bloggers it has signed up. Although promising that positive comment is not required, the Marqui 17 will be watched extremely closely over the coming weeks and months:
cash for comments
Marc Canter
the head lemur (Allen Herrel)
Jonathan Abad
Nathan Weinberg
Molly E. Holzschlag
DL Byron
Lucas Gonze
Mitch Ratcliffe
Paolo Valdemarin
Jon Lebkowsky
Susan E. Kaup
Richard Murray
Richard MacManus
Roland Tanglao
Robin Good
Eric Rice
Peter Caputa IV

Stephen King, President and CEO of Marqui said of the program “As a company that sells primarily to marketers, we were looking for new, creative ways to get to market, and we believe we’re changing marketing dynamics through our innovative, transparent use of the blogosphere”. He then went on to describe the program as “open source marketing”.

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  • We’ll see what happens… my first post about using the Marqui system is about how dirty I feel using any system that breaks when not viewed in Internet Explorer. I believe I call the developers lazy too… or did in an earlier version of the post.

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