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Media Literacy, Ozzie Styles

Media Literacy, Ozzie Styles

For one class of grade 8 students in Australia, media literacy is more than studying television and radio — it includes studying YouTube.  Their activities have involved such forward thinking activities such as creating one’s own videos and testing to see which videos (and titles) have gotten the most videos.  Not surprisingly, “Funniest Cats You’ll EVER See!” is their number one video with over 5000 views.

So does exposing a bunch of 14-year-olds to the sometimes rough and raucous world of internet videos count as education?  Absolutely, says Stuart King, the Year 8 coordinator at the Melbourne private school, who is conducting the elective course. He sees it as a great example the so-called knowledge era learning that Eltham College promotes.

Man, why couldn’t I have gone to school in Australia? (in 2006 … as an 8th grader … in that school)

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