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Metacafe launches Cafe Confidential

Metacafe launches Cafe Confidential

Metacafe today launched Café Confidential. The new video confessional channel with Hollywood producer Steven Bochco at the helm, features short videos of twentysomethings sharing highly personal experiences such as My First Time, My Weird Family or Most Embarrassing Moment. The unscripted content is designed to encourage viewers to respond by posting their own video stories, which are immediately eligible for cash payment through Metacafe’s Producer Rewards program.

“Online video provides an extraordinary forum for intimate, personal storytelling,” said Steven Bochco, whose numerous television successes include Hill Street Blues, NYPD Blue and LA Law. Cafe Confidential is sponsored by American Apparel.

“Metacafe is the perfect site to launch an interactive channel designed for high audience involvement and participation,” said Erick Hachenburg, CEO of Metacafe. “We actively support content creators by giving them access to a huge global audience and offering the industry’s most straightforward and lucrative payment program. Steven has been a force for realistic storytelling throughout his career, and Café Confidential moves beyond TV to encourage true audience interaction and participation.”

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  • I have a family history/genealogy blog and this makes me jump my imagination into the future. It’s so hard to research and find my ancestors from only 80 years ago. Imagine the twenty-something kids having grandchildren and running across these video “memoirs” of their grandparents in the future. Talk about turning genealogy research on its head. ;-)

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