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Michael Jackson Has Most Fans on Facebook

Michael Jackson Has Most Fans on Facebook

The tragic death of Michael Jackson is still hot on the web. The upcoming memorial service aside, another proof of the artist’s former greatness is him surpassing everyone on Facebook, clocking in at over 6.8 million fans as I’m writing this. And it just doesn’t stop, new fans are added every second. It’s almost scary.

Meanwhile CNN is planning to integrating people’s MJ memories from Facebook with their upcoming live coverage of the memorial. Assuming you’re one of the millions not holding a ticket to the Staples Center, Mashable tells you where you can watch the memorial online. There is no way anyone in the social web will miss this, wether they like it or not.

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  • I remember listening to Michael Jackson’s Thriller album when it first came out in 1983. I was in junior high. All my friends and I loved Rock but suddenly for us, there was this…Michael Jackson. We would play Billie Jean all day long! It wasn’t the best song ever written nor did it have the best music to it, it was more… it was listing to it and imagining Michael dance. It was the way it made us feel. Like something could go on forever, something good. Now after more than 25 years, sitting in the reception of Crownview Suites, my Hotel on a small island in Greece I feel saddened by the loss of Michael Jackson. I truly will miss him and his music. Good Bye Michael.

  • We all have our own beliefs of where we go when we pass away. Michael Jackson will be the one experiening all the good Jehovah
    God has in his plans for those who are good.
    I believe all Michael Jackson ever did while he was on earth was good. We live in a dangerous world in which all we have to do is be accussed of something and we are guilty. I feel so sad for the innocent in society who are paying the consequences for something they are not guilty of. I hope that if this ever happens to me I would stay as loving and kind as Michael Jackson . I am so sad for the family and only believe good about Michael Jackson. One entire summer my sister mom and I danced to michael Jackson songs everyday. Our favorite to dance to was beat it . My mom bought us a shirt that said thriller and it came withe a glove. My sister and I were so happy and couldn’t believe our mom bought this for us to wear to school.
    so sad for all who knew michael personally and wished I met michael and had the opportunity to go to neverland when he was there.

  • I have been watching his facebook site for a while, currently his amount of fans stands at a staggering 7.5 million and is increasing at a rate of about 100-300 every ten seconds. Amazing.

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