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Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech Attracted 28,003 Tweets Per Minute

Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech Attracted 28,003 Tweets Per Minute

Michelle Obama Twitter DNC ChampionMichelle Obama’s well received speech was not only admired by many listeners, it was also a bit hit on Twitter where it earned 28,003 Tweet per minute. Putting her big night into perspective Mitt Romney’s speech garnered just 14,239 tweets per minute and he was in the midst of officially accepting the GOP nomination for President.

While Mitt Romney and his campaign have tried to create a larger voice in social media President Obama had a huge head start. For example Obama has 18.4 million Twitter followers while Romney is still sitting at the 1 million marker.

A recent?Pew Internet?study has also revealed that Democrats tend to use social media sites more than Republicans and Independents to spread political messages. In fact Republicans in the survey claimed that social media is not really all that important during an election.

According to the Pew study 48 percent of Democrats said social media was important for understanding and keeping political news. In comparison only 34 percent of Republicans and 33 percent of indepens said it was important.

Here is the Michelle Obama speech that led to 28,003 tweets per minute:

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