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Minor Monitor Provides Parent’s With Robust Facebook Monitoring For Child Acccounts

Minor Monitor Provides Parent’s With Robust Facebook Monitoring For Child Acccounts

Minor MonitorMinor Monitor is the perfect application if you have children using the Facebook social network and you want to keep an eye on their activity. The program allows parents to track up to four children from one screen, keeping an eye on the age of their friends and even profanity used in their posts.

Having grown more than 50% over the last month Minor Monitor has become popular among parents thanks to it’s ease of use and simple monitoring. Parents just go into their account and click “add child” then add their children’s email address used for Facebook and their Facebook password at which point a tab for that child appears.

After several minutes a summary of your child’s activities and friends list shows up in the account with alerts.

Once setup the program uses complex algorithms to monitor your children’s account for potentially dangerous activities such as bullying, drug use, sexual references and profanity. The company even adds to their extensive database to make sure all current slang and trends are included for monitoring purposes.

The program also alerts parents to suspicious friends, for example if your 13-year-old daughter suddenly friends a 45 year old man that friendship will be reported directly to your Minor Monitor account. The program also warns parents if your child’s new friend has very few friends of their own, often signifying a fake predatory account and the program will alert you if one of your child’s friends posts an unusually high amount of negative content.

The program is also all inclusive, including monitoring for photos, videos, message, notes, wall posts, literally all aspects of your child’s and their friends posts.

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So there you have it, Minor Monitor in a short period of time has done exactly what Facebook should have been doing for a long period of time.

Have you used Minor Monitor? Let us know what you think about the program.

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