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Mixing Business with Pleasure, Twitter and LinkedIn Team Up

Mixing Business with Pleasure, Twitter and LinkedIn Team Up

pbandcYou never saw this coming, do you? All the while we’ve been waiting for a Google-Twitter integration, Facebook-Twitter integration, and the other online services wooing Twitter’s dearth of real-time information stream.  But look which of them got into Twitter first? – LinkedIn. Yes folks, the Facebook for business professionals jump into Twitter mania and announced their  sealed partnership with Twitter.

So how does the integration works? It’s dead simple.  Whatever status you set on your LinkedIn updates, you can now tweet it to your Twitter account. Inversely, you can now send tweets to your Linked connections as well.

While it is easier to do from LinkedIn to Twitter, which is just a matter of clicking the Twitter share link, coming from the Twitter side would be a bit cumbersome, well just a little actually.

To send tweets to your LinkedIn account, you need to set whether to send every tweets or just those you select.  If you choose to send only a selected tweet, you need to append the hashtag #li or #in to every tweet that you want to send to LinkedIn.

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This new feature will be gradually rolled out starting today. You will need to connect your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts via oAuth when the feature is activated.

So, who do you think would benefit more from this integration, Twitter or LinkedIn?  Do you like the idea of mixing your interactions with your business contacts with the non-formal, free-spirited interactions in Twitter?

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