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Monetization: A Visual Breakdown of Engadget

Monetization: A Visual Breakdown of Engadget

The Photoshopblog takes a look at the ads and other real estate on Weblogs, Inc.’s Engadget.

The visual itself is pretty compelling, though I do not agree with many of the commenters on this post.

How much is too much?

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  • Heh, some of the comments over there are pretty lame – like the one where the guy says Engadget can run on shared hosting for $10 a month? LOL

  • LOL. Looks like a fair ratio of ads to content here too!

    I’m not against the use of ads, but they shouldn’t interfere with ability to read the content… I’m my opinion.

  • We have plenty of content here and not as many ads as what you’ll find elsewhere.. or at least that’s my take.

    And I can assure you that we’re not on $10 shared hosting :)

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