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More high profile press for DNC bloggers

More high profile press for DNC bloggers

An interesting mix of coverage, many of it high profile, in deed with all the fuss the bar is set very high for the DNC Bloggers: lets just hope they deliver on the hype.
Year of the Blog? Web Diarists Are Now Official Members of Convention Press Corps Gadsden Times
Blogging It In Boston CBS News
Who’s a journalist? Take notes: You might be surprised
Meet the Bloggers Wall Street Journal
also proves that Bloggers not polished political players: just check out some of the pictures
Covering DNC is organized bedlam Washington Times
BlogWatch to feature Carville and Crowley
With TV losing interest, Democrats court `blogs’ Toronto Star
Press credentials don’t make bloggers journalists Houston Chronicle
Boston’s Bloggers, Filling In the Margins Washington Post
Delegate bloggers offer insider’s view of convention
Bloggers Offer Inside View to Convention ABC News

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  • hey ogunquit people..let’s work together and keep whats left of the character. Each one of us can make a difference.

  • WE should get out anf vote..that’s part of a solution rather than a problem. It’s our one vote that can make a difference. I am going to absentee’s easy. anyone out there?

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