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More terror threats on MySpace: students panic

More terror threats on MySpace: students panic

International jihadist-teen prank-terrorism looks to be spreading across MySpace blogs with new threats being posted by students in San Antonio, Texas, aimed at the Warren High School.

According to WOAI, this message said two boys were planning to show up at school with guns.

Pascual Gonzales of the Northside School District said extra police were on hand, and teachers and administrators were in a ‘high state of anxiety.’

“The vast majority of students either didn’t come to school, or came to school and went home out of fear.”

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The incident follows a similar outbreak of jihadist-teen prank-terrorism at Lenape Valley Regional High School in New Jersey last week.

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  • there is no such thing as prank terrorism and I would hate to see that term become widely used. These people posting the threats are actual terrists and should be delt with in that manner…

  • Even if they’re kidding, do something about it. If you cry “terrorism” too many times, eventually it’ll get to the point of “who’s joking and who’s not”.

  • Sorry for the double post, but I re-read my other one and I should give an example for it – it’s like calling the cops or the fire department, and you’re not serious. Cops can’t deal with terrorism where its really going on, if they’re responding to your childish prank.

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