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More Tweet Drama: Twitter Recants Official Blackberry App, Offers Free Tickets To Chirp

More Tweet Drama: Twitter Recants Official Blackberry App, Offers Free Tickets To Chirp

After giving their official blessing upon the Blackberry twitter app (developed by RIM), it looks as if Twitter has come to the conclusion that anointing RIM’s creation as the official app was a dumb idea after all (via Mashable).

We will
continue to focus on what is best for users and we will work together to make sure that we are creating more opportunities for the ecosystem on the whole. We will also admit our mistakes when they are made and the Blackberry client should never have been labeled “official”. It has since been changed and you won’t see that language used with Twitter clients in the future. (Ryan Sarver of Twitter Development Talk)

It is not clear whether the same “officialness” will apply to Tweetie as well, which Twitter purchased for an undisclosed sum of money.

Ryan Sarver (an employee of Twitter) is trying to calm the anxieties of many developers (who are either in shock, apathetic or putting on a brave face) by giving away free tickets to Chirp (Twitter’s developers conference).

I will provide a free ticket to anyone from this list that is unable to afford the current price so that they can be part of that discussion. Just email me directly. For those of you who can’t make it to Chirp, it will be live streamed so you can tune in from home — where ever home might be.

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The 2 day conference will take place in San Francisco on the 14th of April, which should help Twitter communicate directly to developers who have built their businesses around creating twitter iPhone and iPad apps.

Twitter has not yet hinted as to what they plan on revealing at the conference (although tweet ads is probably going to be announced at Chirp), but hopefully there is a financial incentive to keep companies developing apps for Twitter, lest they defect towards another platform (like Google Buzz).

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