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Most bloggers excluded from Adsense RSS advertising

Most bloggers excluded from Adsense RSS advertising

Bloggers not using SixApart’s payware services of MT or TypePad, or Google’s Blogger, have been excluded from participating in the beta test for Google Adsense’s RSS advertising service.

This exclusion is on top of the current minimum traffic requirements blogs must have to also participate.

Matt from WordPress writes that “if there was any technical or logistical reason they decided not to support the 140,000+ WordPress users or if it was just a lack of communication, which is entirely possible.

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The ban also applies to other bloggers, including users of competing free and paid services and DIY blogging packages, including Serendipity, Bloxson, Nucleus and others.

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  • wp, s9y, bloxsom, nucleus, and the rest combined have fewer users than probably just blogger, so how does this mean “most” bloggers are excluded? 8 million is more than 500,000.

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