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Most Internet marketers fail to tap into blogging, despite recognising importance of effective web presence

Most Internet marketers fail to tap into blogging, despite recognising importance of effective web presence

Just five per cent of Internet marketers see blogging as a viable tool in achieving sales and marketing objectives, with 78% never having used the medium, according to a recent survey by WebTrends.

More traditional methods fared better, with 46% often using direct email, 37% using web analytics, and 36% using web optimisation techniques.

Blogging sat near the bottom of the “new ideas” pile, with online competitions and website/e-news sponsorship scoring 8%, viral marketing on 5%, podcasts on 4%, and web seminars on 3%.

It seems that the few marketers who have started using blogs had mixed views as to their effectiveness. 29% were satisfied with their effectiveness while 27% were unsatisfied, with the remaining 44% neutral.

Podcasting showed the greatest level of satisfaction overall, at 44%, bearing in mind that it was one of the types of marketing only a few used.

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Nick Sharp, VP and general manager of WebTrends, said that “blogging is much more than a “nice to have” in business today. With the power to publish, share and influence, this new consumer movement is impacting every aspect of the business world. Some experts predict that businesses that are not blogging now, may not exist in a couple of year’s time.

“Corporate blogs can be very effective communication tools within or on behalf of a corporate community. Not surprisingly, more firms are paying greater attention to what bloggers are saying about them. A dissatisfied customer airing negative views can damage corporate reputation over night.”

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  • For a business, blogging can be a very effective way of keeping existing customers and potential new customers updated with what is happening in there business which makes them different from there competitors as well as what is going on in the industry. Blogging can also help your SEO as it shows the search engines that you keep your site updated.

  • I think it depends on what the purpose of your blog is. You have to calculate a cost-benefit ratio of paying someone to write and maintain a blog against how much money the blog will actually bring in. Otherwise a business blog is just one of those things that is “nice to have” but gets cut in a bad economy.

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