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Movable Type Receiving New Ownership? (Six Apart Assimilation)

Movable Type Receiving New Ownership? (Six Apart Assimilation)

Sad news for Movable Type fans. It looks like the reports of Six Apart’s demise (or rather assimilation) will come to light tomorrow as Michael Arrington is reporting that VideoEgg will be acquiring Six Apart (and their various properties).

Advertising network VideoEgg will acquire blogging and advertising network Six Apart, and the combined entity will be renamed Say Media. The companies will officially announce the transaction tomorrow. VideoEgg CEO Matt Sanchez will run the combined entity as CEO. Six Apart CEO Chris Alden will step down. (via TechCrunch)

According to TechCrunch, VideoEgg (or rather Say Media) will keep Typepad and Movable Type alive, although it’s uncertain whether this merger will help the service and software platforms make a come back in the age of social blogging.

With Tumblr on the rise and Automattic expanding the WordPress empire (not to mention the rise of WordPress only hosting companies recently) the future for Movable Type doesn’t look very good.

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Hopefully this merger can bring some much needed innovation to the MT universe, who despite its fall from the limelight is still one of the premier blogging platforms available.

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