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Movable Type’s Cooler Brother Re-entering Beta? (Melody)

Movable Type’s Cooler Brother Re-entering Beta? (Melody)

The creators of Melody (which is a fork of Movable Type 4.34) have been busy over the past few months squashing bugs and improving the user interface in preparation for the 1.0 launch.

While the core developers are planning on rolling out a finalized version of their platform in the near future, it looks the platform will be re-entering another beta round which might push the final release towards 2011.

After a short delay, we are happy to announce that Melody 1.0 beta 2 is finally available for download. This is an exciting release, not just because Melody is now more stable than ever before, but because we have made some exciting new enhancements as well. […]

This release has over 200 bug fixes, enhancements and changes contributed by numerous members of the community many of whom contributed for the first time

And don’t forget, we are only planning one more beta, so now is the time to download Melody and begin trying it out. If you encounter any problems we have folks standing by ready to help. (Official Melody Blog)

Note: Emphasis theirs.

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For those curious as to what Melody looks like from the inside, users can test out the latest beta for themselves upon Open Melody Demo which can give web masters a taste of the platform without having to install it upon their own server.

Although there is no word on how long the second beta round will last (let alone the upcoming third), hopefully we will see a finalized version unveiled soon as Melody could give Movable Type fans a reason not to defect towards WordPress.

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