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MovableType is the Windows of the Personal Publishing World

MovableType is the Windows of the Personal Publishing World

(via Roland Tango)> B Mann has an interesting rant on MT which he compares it to Windows in stating that MT is the“Windows of the Personal Publishing World”. Whilst Mann is not an MT fan, and uses the article to attack MT, the analogy is none the less interesting and is representative of the penetration MT has had amongst non free site using bloggers. Roland Tango defends MT, although gives credit to Mann on his article.

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  • “MT has gotten to the top of the heap because of its wide adoption.” That’s like saying that pizza is a popular food only because people are always eating it, or that Napoleon was short because of his diminutive stature. Stoopid. The Moveable Type people produced a free, partially open-source tool (you can’t redistribute your modified code, but you can tell other people how you modified it) that works beautifully for the most part(although that comment spam thing is a bit of a problem) and have done a great job of supporting, promoting, and developing it. And they certainly haven’t gone out of their way to stifle their competition: There are umpteen open-source blogging and CMS applications out there to choose from (B. Mann Consulting mentions a couple), none of them subject to hostile takeovers by the evil Trotts, as far as I know! They had an astute intuition about what kind of tool a lot of bloggers would want and need after growing out of Blogger, and they built it, and then they produced a moderately priced pay version, TypePad, that capitalized on the goodwill they earned from their free product, which they continue to develop and support.

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