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Mozilla Preps Up Raindrop Open Conversation Aggregator, Read: Google Wave Rival

Mozilla Preps Up Raindrop Open Conversation Aggregator, Read: Google Wave Rival

The folks at the Mozilla Labs seem to be pretty hard at work lately. The reason – a new a product called Raindrop.  And guess  what?  Amidst the explanations laid out on the Mozilla Labs site, I could only think of one thing – it’s Mozilla’s version of  Google Wave and and also a sanitized take on Twitter’s model.Mozilla describes Raindrop as an “open messaging for the open web.” It will offer a clean interface and an API for following streams and rivers of messages on users existing browsers.

Raindrop aims to make online conversations, be it on Twitter, blog, social networking sites or email – more enjoyable for users.  This according to Mozilla will be achieve by eliminating the noise and concentrating only the message of the conversations.

The product is currently available only for developers. Mozilla is still looking into the possibility of making Raindrop available as a downloadable installer so that non-developers will have the chance to test it out.

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If you’re a developer, you might want to get the source code here, and start hacking Raindrop. If you’re a user like me, let’s wait until Mozilla finally gets the Raindrop installer available for download. Until then, I could only speculate that Raindrop could very well be a good competitor of Google Wave.

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  • Raindrop is a very cool initiative from Mozzila, it has an ability to cut out the noise
    and pulling the information of actually interest.Raindrop could make people categorized
    and organised

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