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MP3 blogs serve up rare songs

MP3 blogs serve up rare songs

Reuters UK> A new genre of Web sites that offer an eclectic mix of free music downloads may not be strictly legit, but the sites’ creators say they’re doing the beleaguered record industry a favour. Named for the MP3 music format and the popular self-published Web sites known as blogs, they are part online mixtape, part diary, and part music magazine. read more>

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  • Excellent news, and predictable given the history of the Web where the first personal websites were not new content but reviews and ‘hotlists’ of recommended content

    what we need now is the two ends of this pipeline, the input end that brings new art into the system to percolate up through these review lists, and then the output discovery methods whereby you and I can find those reviewers speaking to our personal tastes.

  • Todays most true and strickt new wave bands. No bleeding Franz Ferdinand or other bullocks. Check these guys out you may like it as much as i do!!!

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