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MSNBC jumps on the Blogs are bad for kiddies bandwagon

MSNBC jumps on the Blogs are bad for kiddies bandwagon

cartman blogs are bad
The luddites behind the blogs are bad campaign starting to emerge in middle America have managed to enlist the services of MSNBC with a new article targeting blogs titled “Kids, blogs and too much information“.

The story quotes a number of do-gooders, including a Mary Ellen Handy (you always know people are serious when they insist on using their middle names) of a group called Wired Safety, who are apparently “the world’s largest online safety and help group”, who recently discovered that kiddies like blogs, and god-dammit, they actually talk about their friends and posts pictures on those new fangled internet things as well.

As is usual with these articles, paedophiles, rapists and over deviants are mentioned in an attempt to scare teen bloggers away from their keyboards and to encourage parents to disconect their kiddies modems.

The article ends with the statement about kiddies using blogs as “very scary”.

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Once again, the do-gooders get their priorities right…, in a day in which it is reported that there is an upsurge in random shootings on the LA Freeway network, and in a country that is the world leader in kiddie drug use, murder, crime and teen pregnancy, blogs are apparently more evil and more deserving of column space.

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