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MSNBC Media Host May Sue Blog Over Domain Name?

MSNBC Media Host May Sue Blog Over Domain Name?

With lawsuits being the theme of today, it looks like we may have another case where a media personality fails to secure a domain name based on their first and last name.

Apparently the Daily Caller (by Tucker Carlson who is conservative) purchased which currently masks the Daily Caller’s website.

MSNBC’s host Keith Olberman apparently did not have enough common sense to secure his own domain name to prevent this scenario, and it looks like this whole fiasco may head to court.

Keith Olbermann, host of MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann, has responded to the news that The Daily Caller has acquired the domain,

In a tweet posted at 10:46 AM, the aging cable anchor wrote, “Regarding @TheDailyCaller and I hope whoever sold it to them got CASH.”

Several minutes later, an apparently still-reeling Olbermann clarified his meaning: “Also regarding @TheDailyCaller and – the law’s pretty clear on this, so, nice waste of money, Tuckie. #p2 #tcot.” (The Daily Caller)

It is unclear whether Keith Olbermann will sue The Daily Caller himself or rely upon MSNBC’s lawyers (or even both) in order to secure the domain name from Tucker Carlson.

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Ironically Tucker Carlson himself was involved in a similar case previously, except last time the roles were reversed as he sued a company to secure which also redirects to the Daily Caller’s website (via @NetNoir)

It will be interesting to see where this whole affair leads (as it will be one of those “Freedom of Speech” vs squatting cases) although hopefully this fiasco is resolve relatively soon (minus the puppets of course).

(Image Credits: KirstenLovePuti and Domain Name Wire, via Hot Air).

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