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My Yahoo! shutting down blog rorter accounts: report

My Yahoo! shutting down blog rorter accounts: report

My Yahoo! looks to be acting against promoters and users of so-called “blog and ping” products that use My Yahoo! as part of a process of getting spam blogs listed on search engines.

Leading blog and ping promoter Rick Butts reports on his blog ( sorry no free link from me) that he has been unable to access My Yahoo! and he’s had reports from a client of the same problem.

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  • What a bunch of low life scummers the B&P folks seem to be! Just confirms that where there’s (possibly) a buck to be made, there are sleazoids willing to pervert the system and sell their tools to help others (often unwittingly) F-up the Internet with spam.

  • Thanks Duncan…

    Trina Schiller pointed this type of “stuff” out months ago and got a rash of sh** for it.

    Like the site that is referred to on “that” site says – he’s lazy, so what does he do? Introduce a “disruptive technology.” Isn’t that nice?

    Don’t you think that instead of Blog and Ping it oughta be called “Scrape, Steal and then SpamBlog?

    WTG – Yahoo!

    Have a wonderful day,


  • Shane
    Let me see if I can put a post together. To be honest there are so many variations on the theme around its not always easy to articulate. Mark, couldn’t agree more “Scrape, Steal and then SpamBlog?” although I suppose I was a little light in not attacking them more because some of the people they suck in honestly don’t know any better and because they are new to blogs, and they are being told by these cretins that its ok to steal (naturally they don’t call it stealing).

  • Blog and Ping isn’t really the same as the spam blogging problem.

    The concept of blog and ping is to get your own pages of a primary website listed in the search engines, not to spam someone elses content.

    I have mentioned a couple of my own websites in my own blog, written an article about them etc in the past.

    The problem with Blog and Ping is the degree to which people do it. They have huge sites, and blog certain of their own deep pages to encourage search engines to spider them.

    Pure spam blogging is scraping other people’s RSS feeds and just autoblogging the compiled data with no original content.
    It is walking a tightrope of legality, but in many ways only to the degree that this is done. Many bloggers blog a small section from someone elses blog.

    I have included my own blogs in my agregators (along with many others). Is that something illegal?

    Thus I think of myself as an ethical blogger. I have both mentioned my own websites in my blog, and used “Blog this!” a few times on a number of blogs.

    I would hate to be the person who decides who is spamming, and who is legitimate.

  • Andy
    I agree with you in that “blog and ping” and spam blogs are two different ideas, and I strongly accept your point about deciding what is legit but I can assure you that the guy in the story is heavily into spam blogs that steal content: I’ve been on his mass mailing lists for months, for him its all tied into the same marketing package.

  • The search engine and directory giants won’t be taken advantage of. It appears that they are keeping up with the spamming techniques fairly well.

    I really hate seeing big names make big bucks off of others’ inexperience. Offering stuff like this is a good way to keep newbies off the highway. I see it as taking their money, then running them over with the new Mercedes it bought.

    RSS has so much potential. I hope jacka**es, like the above mentioned, don’t screw it up for the rest of us.


  • Jim that is not Blog and Ping

    You can group comment spam with blog spam

    Blog and Ping if you disliked the concept is more spam blog or splog.

    There are good reasons to justify it Blog and Ping, especially if you have a large site full of original content, and you have only just decided to introduce some kind of RSS feed.

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