Now Reading launches to shake up music industry; Good luck! launches to shake up music industry; Good luck!

mymusicsiteWith a plan to shake up the music industry, announced its launch today. The online community acts as a medium for music talents to independently promote and sell their own music, songs, albums, production tracks, ringtones and more without the restricting chains of a traditional music label. The site also dubs itself as the only non-traditional vehicle where independent artists are in-charge of their own destiny.

Each member is given their own individual URL, the ability to create their own customized site, promotional tools to allow them to promote their music as well as the ability to load songs, albums or music tracks for instant sales via downloads and ringtones. Artists are encouraged to promote their site, such as successful artist Solomon has, who, without a major record deal, has had his music played primetime on many radio stations including New York’s Hot 97.1 (WQHT) and recently had a song featured on the soundtrack of the Golden Globe nominated movie, The Wrestler.

The site currently has 5,000 members, still a long way to really shake up the music industry.

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  • This has to be one of the most poorly designed sites I have seen in a while. The idea is ok. However execution is terrible. Plus people are just going to have crappy profiles like myspace in which are very hard to read!

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