MySpace And Facebook Go Political

Every politician knows that when it comes to voting, the American youth have other things on their mind on election day (like PSP, cars, girls/guys, etc.).

Since many young people already dedicate too much time on social networks, MySpace and Facebook have decided to encourage them to “get out and vote” during this off year election.

(MSNBC) Techies have long argued that social-networking sites are perfect for engaging the electorate. Now, in the run-up to November’s midterm elections, MySpace and its chief competitor,, are dipping their toes into political waters.

Since waiting in line is something some people do not enjoy, MySpace has created a page where users can register themselves in their state (and even vote absentee).

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Facebook on the other hand has announced their new election pulse page where users can see which candidates are winning within Facebook.

Democrats are currently beating their Republican friends, although one may wonder if this will actually translate into physical victories for the underdog party.

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