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MySpace Continues Reign of Web2.0

MySpace Continues Reign of Web2.0

At the Web2.0 Summit, traffic data was released, analyzed, and mulled over and some interesting findings are out

1) Social Media not for the margins anymore: In the US, one in five internet visits in September was to a top 20 social-networking sites

2) Hail to the King, baby .. Hail to the King: MySpace received over 80% of visits to those social-networking sites.

3) Are they doing random drug checks? YouTube’s growth continued to be border on the steroid-induced side, with 249% growth from March to September

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4) Bolt, Bebo, Gaia, Orkut: Funny names, but fast growing social-networking sites.

5) Cyworld is your life. In South Korea. If you’re between the ages of 20-29.

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