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MySpace Glorifying Murderers?

MySpace Glorifying Murderers?

Well, sex offenders on probation routinely troll MySpace — but did you know that death row inmates have their own pages as well?  Its true.  According to a MediaPost blog (“Just an Online Minute”), in Houston, Texas, the friends and families of death row inmates are creating pages for individuals convicted for murder. 

Now, a city official in Houston is griping that family and friends of death row inmates have created MySpace pages on their behalf. Andy Kahan, director of the city’€™s crime victims office, has written to MySpace, arguing that pages devoted to death row inmates glorify them, according to recent news accounts.

While I don’t condone censorship, I wonder whether or not this should be one of those “exceptions” to a rule; sure you can invoke the “slippery slide” argument, but come on — Murderers?  There has to be a line there.

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  • While I agree with you, I’m sure the families and friends of the death row inmates would say they are innocent. And people who oppose the death penalty completely would say this gives those condemned faces.

    And Charles Manson or at least the serial killer calendar has his own myspace page.

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