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Myspace Leaks User Data Just Like Facebook

Myspace Leaks User Data Just Like Facebook

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We’ve been giving Facebook a lot of guff lately over their privacy flaps, but they aren’t the only large social network giving away user data, MySpace has been suffering from a similar type of user data leaks.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that MySpace user IDs are being leaked to advertisers, which in turn is providing user names, photos, user locations, gender and even the age found on the users MySpace profile.

There is one big difference however with MySpace, unlike Facebook they do not require that a real name, gender or even country of origin is entered. Also, only information that has already been made public is accessible, so while it cuts down the time needed for advertisers to gather information about users, they aren’t gathering information they couldn’t data mine on their own.

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Regardless of whether information is set to public or private, MySpace has vowed to stop sending UID’s (User IDs) when a site member clicks on ads.

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