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MySpace Mobile: Better Late Than Never?

MySpace Mobile: Better Late Than Never?

The rest of the world now joins AT&T and MVNO Helio in surfing MySpace on mobile devices. There is no subscription required, as the current business model is advertiser funded. After several months in beta, MySpace Mobile it’s now available to the public.

The new mobile site allows members to access all of the site’s normal features, including the ability to add or update blog posts and comments. While most hardcore bloggers do not do their daily writing via MySpace, the mobile aspect has the potential to bring some bloggers back into the fold.

Or does it?

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With just about every major blog platform offering some sort of mobile blogging option (or Websites like Utterz), will there be a high demand for MySpace mobile? Short of adding a “friend” while on the go, I’m really not sure.

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