Navy proposing tighter blog restrictions for sailors

The United States Navy may implement a more restrictive blogging policy for sailors according to an article in the Navy Times.

While the Navy can put new policies in place – and expect sailors to follow them – even Navy officials admit that its going to be nearly impossible to monitor blogs:

‘€œLet’€™s take the issue of blogs: How many blogs are there?’€? he said. ‘€œThey number in the millions. There’€™s no way in heck we could monitor that. Can’€™t be done.’€?

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Other military branches also have regulations in place governing blogging from combat areas – such as restricting the posting of operational information and the like…

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  • Yep, it’s true the military is getting squeamish about blogs. I work at a library on a Marine base, and we wanted to start a blog to keep our patrons apprised of new books, kid’s story hours and other events. But the powers that be said no.

    So we’re stuck with a static website that the marketing department updates every couple of years, whether it needs it or not. AAARRGH!!!

  • I’m a Navy wife who also writes for lots of online stuff — and they want to know everything I do as well. Ugh.

    I understand this to a degree. But you also have to decide to trust your sailors etc. after a while. 90% or more deserve that much.

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