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Nearly Half Of Facebook Users Have Profanity On Their Walls

Nearly Half Of Facebook Users Have Profanity On Their Walls

Facebook LogoDid you just swear on your Facebook wall? Perhaps a friend of yours left a profanity laced drunken message for you to read when you woke up? If there is currently foul language on your Facebook wall you’re not alone, nearly 50% of all Facebook users have some type of swear word displayed on their account.

Newly founded firm Reppler which markets online reputation management tools on Monday released a survey of 30,000 users which found that 47% of those users polled had some type of swearing on their wall. Those same responders say that 80% of their accounts have profanity posted from a friend while posts and comments featuring profanity on a users wall come from friends 56% of the time.

According to the report users are two times more likely to post swear words on a Facebook wall than when commenting on previously posted messages, while the most used profanity is the F word followed by sh*t and b*tch.

Do you have swear words on your wall at this moment in time? There’s nearly a 50/50 chance that you do.



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