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NetSol adds free blog to hosting packages

NetSol adds free blog to hosting packages

Network Solutions has added free blogs to its Unix-based hosting packages to help small and medium-sized businesses connect with customers, boost sales, enhance brand visibility, and improve existing or future product offerings. In a few easy to follow steps, customers can set up and begin using a blog within their existing hosting package.

While a Web site generally provides important information about the organization and its products and services, more often that not it’s static. A business blog allows small and medium-sized businesses to build and maintain a steady stream of communication with customers and prospects.

“Business blogs are a great way for small businesses to open and maintain meaningful dialog with their customers,” explains Jeff Grosman, Senior Vice President for Product Marketing & Management with Network Solutions. “Via their blogs, owners can pose questions regarding their products and services and gain real-time customer feedback and insights. This is key because customers and prospects like to know that their opinions matter.”

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(But honestly, WordPress is free and setting it up is a breeze. Businesses should have long taken advantage of blogging.)

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  • I’m getting slightly frustrated by repeated rewritten press releases. I have counted several over the past few days.

    To be honest, they represent an unwelcome break from some of the fantastic recent columns which I have read.

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