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Neurotic Women More Likely to Blog

Neurotic Women More Likely to Blog

A survey conducted by Rosanna Guadagno at the University of Alabama reveals that neurotic women are more likely to blog:

This is consistent with work on internet usage that also found an association with neurotic personality types, but only among women. The researchers surmised that nervous women may blog to “assuage loneliness or in an attempt to reach out and form social connections with others.”

The survey was conducted among 300 students at the university. For more, read the BPS Research Digest post, found via Guy Kawasaki’s tweet.

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  • Great, now I need to hire a shrink and find out of I’m neurotic because I blog, blog because I’m neurotic, or just neurotic from all the silly survey’s I read about !!!

  • “…conducted among 300 students at the university.”

    everyone is neurotic in college, dude. i am so fucking sure.

  • From the abstract:

    “Around 20 per cent of the students blogged, mostly about their personal experiences.

    The researchers cautioned their findings may only be applicable to college students in America and called on future research to look at why people blog.”

    Okay, thanks Captain Obvious. You didn’t need to conduct a study to find out that many young people write about the distress the feel in their late teens and early 20s. When such a person is talented, we call their writing “literature.”

  • omigod, what does that say about me??!! i’m not one of those neurotic women! wait, uh-oh, maybe i am.. yes, yes, i definitely am! i’m so stressed out, i might throw up. what must people think of me? excuse me, i have to go delete my blog. ;)

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