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New 9rules Launched

New 9rules Launched

The new version of 9rules have launched, labeled Volume 3 edition 1 in the launch post by Paul Scrivens. As usual, Mike Rundle have done a nice job designing the site, clean and sober and all. He’s got a design thoughts post up as well, if you’re curious to the why’s and how’s.

Impressed? Then join, round 6 is still due on May 7th. A couple of hot shot blogs have been added already though. The rounds are apparently not for everybody, which will probably piss someone off…

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  • Rounds not for everybody? I’m not exactly sure what that means. People are dissuaded from emailing us and asking to join between rounds, but we’re also on the lookout for potential new members that we contact directly. We’ve been doing that since the very beginning.

  • I know Mike, what I’m saying is that not everyone needs to rely on the rounds, some have a better chance to join whenever than others. Like it should be, great sites are always great sites. Some would probably be pissed by this, yeah?

  • Right, great sites can always be added to 9rules, but only when we reach out to them. Just like companies are always hiring if you’re a rockstar, sometimes there doesn’t even have to be a position available for you to join the team.

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