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New attack in the War on Blogging

New attack in the War on Blogging

A new attack today in the war on blogging, this one being sourced from Matt Cooper of the Newspaper The Register-Guard from Eugene, Oregon.

In an article titled “Beware the blogs, for truth isn’t a fact“, Cooper trots out a number of old media types to attack the credibility of bloggers.

First to be quoted is John Russial, an associate professor in the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication with “The danger in blogging is that there isn’t that level of checking…Information can get out there and it can be spread like wildfire, when in fact it might not be true.”

Just like old media Mr Associate Professor, or was Rather right?

He continues; Blogger information can be suspect, but the practice is on the rise, and traditional news organizations are watching the “blogosphere” more closely, looking for story ideas, Russial said.

Then there is the whacky: “There are laws against libel,” said Tom Layton, a part-time education consultant in Eugene. “Freedom of speech is freedom of speech is freedom of speech.” Layton advises on the use of blogs as educational tools, and, as with anything on the Internet, he said the mantra that teachers must drive home is, “consider the source.”

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Just like old media again. hmmmm…

There are a number of other quotes, including a few positives from the Poynter Institute, but once again old media has gone on the attack as they face the threat of bloggers.

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