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New Blogging for Dummies Hits Bookshelves

New Blogging for Dummies Hits Bookshelves

Originally released in 2006, the second edition of Blogging for Dummies has just been released. From folks looking to get a blog off the ground to large companies wondering if the reward outweighs the risk, ‘Dummies’ covers a myriad of blogosphere issues.

* Choosing what to blog about
* Setting your goals
* Making mistakes
* Keeping your job
* Avoiding embarrassment
* Protecting your privacy
* Choosing the right software and hosting
* Handling spam and comments
* Making money blogging
* Blogging for companies

Written by self-proclaimed blogging “nerd” Shane Birley and “blogging expert” Susannah Gardner, the book, like most ‘Dummies” products, seems to be a good launching point for those new to blogging. I’ve always found these books to be useful in answering all of those questions you’re afraid to ask in public.

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