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New Feedburner stats to combat spam blogs

New Feedburner stats to combat spam blogs

Feedburner are set to roll out a new stats package that they claim will help combat spam blogs.

The new features will help bloggers track those people who are republishing RSS feeds automatically, including both those who might be doing it legitimately with your permission – but also those who are not and who are writing spam blogs and infringing copyright.

Darren at Problogger puts it this way:
“This is a killer app as far as I’€™m concerned and if it works will remove my main barrier to publishing full feeds on my blog.”

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Now if only their feeds would actually work more often I might be tempted to switch as well.

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  • Good catch…

    For what it’s worth, their new stats are pretty slick – and their blogger/publisher relations folks are top notch.


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