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New School of Orlando sues mom blogger

New School of Orlando sues mom blogger

Sending your child to a private school can cost tons of money. So, if you are unhappy with your kid’s private school, what do you do? Do you pull him or her out of the school? For one mom, Sonjia McSween, the solution is to create a blog that would warn other parents. The blog’s title: “Say NO to New School of Orlando.”

Because of this, she is now facing a defamation lawsuit from the school. She is being asked to stop from blogging about the school and to pay damages. Ouch!

McSween said that “I did not do it with malice. I created it with disappointment about my experience.”

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  • I am always amazed by what people are willing to blog without a thought to the possible consequences. If she had beefs and they hadn’t been addressed, she could have blogged about her experience, but always including the other side of the story. Instead, she accuses the school of fraud and a laundry list of other criminal acts. I have no sympathy for her because she’s simply irresponsible.

  • On the other hand, I’m amazed that places like that will go for a lawsuit when the information is true. From the article, I gather that what she wrote was what happened to her kid and thoughts that could reasonably be arrived at.

    Except for the whole kickback thing. You’ve really got to have good evidence to go forward with those kind of allegations.

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