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New service offers paid “blogging ideas” webinars

New service offers paid “blogging ideas” webinars

Aimed at business professionals who aren’t used to writing for the web, a new “Building the Buzz that Builds Your Business” twice-weekly webinar provides story ideas and links designed to offer a springboard for blogging.

The half-hourly webinars cost $10 each and run on Mondays and Wednesdays at 1pm EST from Each provides a list of 25 categories, each with one or more links to current news events, a discussion on ten story ideas, social media and PR tips, and a Q&A section.

Founder Susan Young says of the service:

“Most people are perplexed about how to develop fresh content that will attract a following. Many people are stuck on the actual writing too. This program allows me to spoon-feed people dozens of story ideas that they can blog about immediately. The stories are also being used by trainers and speakers for corporate conferences and programs. There’s always interesting news and angles but most people don’t see the connection the stories have to their blogs and organizations. My news background is what makes this unique.”

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While those a little more web savvy may well be able to get a boatload of story ideas by subscribing to a few RSS feeds related to their company/topic, services like this may well provide a push for those who don’t know where to start looking or need some extra encouragement.

Naturally there are plenty of free resources to help you find story ideas and content. Would you pay for this kind of webinar?

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