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New Twitter For Blackberry Sheds Beta, Goes Public

New Twitter For Blackberry Sheds Beta, Goes Public

RIM has rolled out the latest update for the Twitter for Blackberry app (which they were beta testing for several months) to the masses, which should bring it closer to its iOS and Android cousins.

Although the new app includes a few extra features such as push notifications, mentions and auto-completion of hash tags (a feature long overdue).

However Twitter for Blackberry’s newest feature will help bring Twitter’s unofficial app into the 21st century.

[Y]ou can pinpoint your location in a neighborhood and include it your Tweets. […]

Viewing someone else’s location – if they have enabled this feature – is really easy too! All you need to do is select the location icon that appears in the bottom right corner of their tweet and a map view will open, allowing you to see where they were when they submitted that Tweet. (Official Blackberry Blog)

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Adding location will help RIM remain competitive against rivals like UberSocial (formally known as UberTwitter), who embraced tweet location months (if not years) ago.

Unfortunately the latest update does not yet support video uploading (through third party services like TwitPic, Posterous or yFrog), although hopefully RIM will consider adding that feature when they roll out the next update.

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