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New Version of Woopra Released

New Version of Woopra Released

Example of Woopra geographical map to track visitors liveThe web analytics program, , that generated massive enthusiasm when John Pozadzides presented it at WordCamp Dallas, will release a new beta version on Friday along with thousands of requests for access granted.

“We are excited to be able to extend the Woopra Real Time Analytics service to an additional 10,000 users beginning Friday April 25,” said Jad Younan, CTO of iFusion Labs. “The infrastructure has been holding up well for the roughly 4,000 users who have been on the system the last few weeks, and this is the next step in our phased approach as we scale the business.”

Elie Khoury, iFusion Labs’ CIO, added, “In addition to the mass approvals for Webmasters who have been waiting patiently, we will be releasing a new version of the Woopra client application with bug fixes and a number of new features.”

Layered Technologies and 3Tera are providing 100 grid-servers to Woopra to handle the sudden demand from the early release of the beta version at WordCamp Dallas, and by this weekend, the numerous requests for Woopra invitations will be granted on a first come, first serve basis along with the release of the latest version.

The dotNet Wizard reviewed Woopra and said:

Woopra has tons of features which allow the webmasters to get to know their visitors in real-time and even to the level of chatting with their visitors. It shows incoming searches and search queries the updating is super-fast (Real-time). If you are planning to compare this with the traditional stats systems like Google Analytics and Stat counter you can forget it. This is on another level.

is a desktop client installed on your computer, not a web application, that monitors real-time statistics and events on your blog or website. Woopra is more than your basic web analytics program. It reports on your blog activities in real-time and allows interaction between the website manager and the visitor through the unique live chat option, breaking the barrier between static communication and direct communication.

In addition to general real-time stats and interaction, Woopra features include:

  • Over 40 different statistical events and analytics.
  • Geographical maps of visitor locations.
  • Monitor active and high traffic posts and pages.
  • Live tracking of visitors through the site.
  • Works on Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • Easy monitoring of multiple sites.
  • Extensive API system for plugins and add-ons.
  • Ability to export analytics data to CVS file for spreadsheet analysis.
  • Search specific user names, IP addresses, geographic locations, user browsing data, visitor history, visitor paths, arrival and departure points…to start.

Co-founder Elie Khoury explains that this weekend’s release of the new version will include segmentation, the ability to divide up your blog metrics into specific groups or segments that share common characteristics, such as browser types, platforms, screen resolutions and languages. “I’m excited about offering this feature to Woopra users to help them learn more about their visitors and the characteristics that link visitors together, looking behind the numbers, beyond traditional demographics research. By gathering this information in real-time, the user can better serve the customers faster.”

Example of Woopra segmentation features

Khoury says that the ability to track specific categories and directories has also been added, allowing users to monitor specific physical directories and action within them. This includes virtual categories as created with WordPress pretty permalinks, allowing the blogger to track activity within a specific post category.

Woopra example of tracking traffic within a directory or category

Event Notification example in WoopraThe Event Notification area has also been improved, offering users a unique way of receiving alerts when specific events happen on their blogs. If the user would like to monitor visitors arriving from a specific site, they would enter the URL into the Event Notifications to be notified accordingly. Want to track the use of specific search terms or keywords? Those arriving from a specific IP or country? All can be set up quickly and easily through the Event Notification panel.

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You can still sign up for a Woopra invite and you will receive approval on a first come, first serve basis. The program is still in testing, so they are controlling the number of users accordingly. Upgrades will happen automatically for current beta testers of Woopra.

The response to the initial advance release of Woopra has been amazing. “All of us working on Woopra very much appreciate the outpouring of public support and interest in the project,” said John Pozadzides, CEO of iFusion Labs, Woopra’s parent company. “Who could have guessed that within 3 weeks of our private beta launch Google would list over 200,000 entries for Woopra? It’s just amazing, and we are all quite humbled by the experience.”

Recent reviews and features include:

This program could revolutionize the way we gather information about our visitors and interact with them. Imagine being able to communicate with your visitors without any extra software or hardware. Imagine getting information you need in a way you can really use it to focus your blog’s content to better server your readership. The possibilities are endless.

No Woopra for Users…Yet

John Pozadzides recently reported that while numerous requests continue to come in from bloggers. Discussions are underway to possibly include Woopra on blogs, however, currently requests from bloggers are being denied as there is no way to complete the installation of Woopra without a WordPress Plugin or Javascript added to the blog.

If you are a blogger and would like to see an option to add your blog to Woopra, see the WordPress Idea and post on the Forum on the subject and let your voice be heard.

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  • “Released” vs. “will release” :)
    You got me.. hehe.

    Anyway, Woopra is GREAT! Can’t wait for the next version. Congrats to the whole dev-team for what they have accomplished so far.

  • I have been using Woopra for some time. They have cool features and they look cool too. But in terms of functionality I think they fail. I have moved to this new real time web analytics product that seems to do the job (high conversion rates..):

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