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New Zealand Contributes to Decline of English [email protected]

New Zealand Contributes to Decline of English [email protected]

Apparently high schoolers in New Zealand may be able to get away with writing in internet speak and “leet speak” on — wait for it — not just school exams, but national exams as  away of getting “part marks” for showing some level of knowledge on a particular subject.

To be honest, I’m having a hard time telling if this represents exactly how technologically advanced New Zealand is, or, is if it (like the introduction of Ebonics in some schools in the States) represents yet another milestone in the decline of Western Civilization.

Is it awesome, or teh suck?  Conversate! :)

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  • |{1w15 7074||y r0(k. *Turns of 1337key for Firefox*

    Sadly if they start to write in that way I might not understand them at all anymore.
    If one version of English has a future [sic], it will be phonetical spelling. [sic once more]

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