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NewsGator releases NewsFriends for Facebook

NewsGator releases NewsFriends for Facebook

NewsGator Technologies Inc. announced the availability of NewsFriends, an innovative social news application for Facebook Platform where people can discover and share blogs, news, videos and podcasts and create a personalized and social news experience.

Leveraging the tremendous social power of Facebook Platform, NewsFriends provides a new way for people to get all their news in one place — relying on their own network of friends to choose and share engaging content without leaving their Facebook account. With this newest NewsGator application, bloggers can connect with their readers in the Facebook community, as well as expand their readership by tapping into the social graph of their current readers.

With NewsFriends, people can see and subscribe to all their friends’ favorite blogs and Web sites, view which friend was first to subscribe to the site and can also be credited for being the first person to bring a particular site into NewsFriends. Using the Facebook posting function, a simple click from within NewsFriends allows people to post any article, along with their comments, on their profile page or send it to their friends. The five most recent news articles in feed subscriptions will run on their profile page, letting friends easily see the news that is interesting to them.

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News articles, blog posts, videos and podcasts can all be read or played from within the NewsFriends application. NewsFriends also includes collections of the top feeds for videos, music, entertainment, sports and more that a user can add with a just a click.

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  • I’d probably like it better if they hadn’t embedded adsense in the display. I don’t know why that bothers me. Plus it doesn’t seem to be working on my profile. Oh well.

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