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NewsGator unveils NetNewsWire 3.0 for Mac OS X

NewsGator unveils NetNewsWire 3.0 for Mac OS X

NewsGator Technologies, Inc. announced the availability of NetNewsWire 3.0, the RSS reader for Mac OS X. Following the release in 2006, this latest version features performance enhancements, increased desktop integration and multiple updates to the user interface.

With NetNewsWire 3.0, the company is adding new and advanced capabilities to the critically acclaimed RSS reader for Mac users. In addition to heightened performance and decreased memory use, the latest version includes desktop integration with favorite Mac applications like iCal, iPhoto and Address Book; Spotlight searching; and Twitterrific integration. These enhancements are housed within a new interface that focuses on usability and the renowned style of the Mac aesthetic. NetNewsWire 3.0 will continue to synchronize with all of NewsGator’s RSS offerings including the online and mobile RSS readers, as well as with NewsGator’s business offerings.

“As RSS moves into the mainstream, and more and more people rely on feeds every day to access their favorite podcasts, news, photos and weblogs, we’re excited to introduce this powerful new version of our Macintosh desktop reader,” said NetNewsWire creator Brent Simmons. “New features — including full-screen mode, enhanced tabs, Spotlight searching, and desktop integration – make NetNewsWire 3.0 the most advanced Mac reader available today, giving users even easier access to relevant news and information.”

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