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Niche Blogging

Niche Blogging

9rules’s Mike Rundle wrote a post the other day about Niche Blogs and The Long Tail of Content.. but what he was really writing about was the impact that 9rules can have on its members:

This Long Tail of content consumption on the Net is where blogs fit in perfectly, because no matter how obscure your content subject or niche, there will always be an audience looking for your content.

The problem is making yourself known to that audience.

And that’€™s where 9rules comes in.

Suffice to say that I completely agree with Mike that niche blogging is the way to go – and his post explains this in a very convincing way.. and if you’ve read Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail then you’ll understand exactly where both Mike and I are coming from..

The tough part is getting attention to that content. I know from talking with successful bloggers that one of their biggest challenges is getting a new blog off of the ground in a way that positions that blog for long term success.

Joining an active community like 9rules is one way to do that – gaining exposure for your blog and being able to talk with others who have been able to break out from the pack.

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And one cannot argue with the results

Update: I have more to say about this on tomorrow’s podcast

Update #2: You can also follow the TechMeme discussion around this topic.

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  • Mike is spot on. The results graph speaks volumes.

    That pull-out quote is right on, Matt.

    So how do non-9rulers go about it? Shit, man you’ve got me thinking. An eBook on “getting a new blog off of the ground in a way that positions that blog for long term success.” Hmmm…

    Interesting ideas with so many blogs launching and trying to rise above the pack.

  • Hi there —

    Thanks – I liked his post so much that I sent him an email long before I sat down to write this post.

    There’s alot to be said about how to launch a blog and great traffic – but without a community it’s alot harder to do.. There’s always advertising and things like that to help out, but there has to be a better way :)


  • There is one thing many blog networks lack in that 9rules succeeds in. 9rules also adds personalities to their network. That is to say they have personal blogs as part of their member blogs, rather than only specialized or niche blogs. This fact makes them pretty cool!

    Nice post Matt and also nice post to Mike Rundle ; )

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