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Nickelodeon Artists Takes Reddit Cartoon Requests

Nickelodeon Artists Takes Reddit Cartoon Requests

Reddit Cartoon RequestsNickelodeon storyboard artist and Reddit user “thewondercat” recently started an AMA (Ask Me Anything)  session on Reddit and through that session he received some unique ideas that were later posted in the form of altered cartoon characters.

In his thread he started by posting:

“IAmA Nickelodeon Storyboard Artist. AMA and I’ll draw it”.

What ensued was 5 hours of constant sketching that ended up created 22 drawings that were all posted for the world to see.

After completing his drawing marathon the artist wrote:

“I drew for about 5 hours and got tons of requests. I wish I could’ve drawn everyone’s but hey, maybe I’ll just have to do this again sometime. I just finished drawing a request for a little girl’s birthday this weekend and I think that’s a good note to go out on.”

Among the highest rated sketches was the “Catdog Pooping” drawing (pictured above).

In another drawing you can witness a Spongebob Meme:

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SpongeBob Meme

What do you think of the work that was created via the Reddit AMA session?



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