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Nine News Australia launches new blogs….somewhere

Nine News Australia launches new blogs….somewhere

Nine News Australia has announced the re-lauch of its site within the NineMSN service (the Australian version of MSN) with the promise of “weblogs by our reporters from hotspots around Australia and across the world”.

The only problem is that they cant actually be found because it appears that they don’t actually exist yet, unless they are calling some words strung together about Rugby League from Wally Lewis a blog.

Although were not sure that a blog from Eddie (everywhere) McGuire would work (he’s everywhere else, why not the blogosphere?), if they eventually launch the blogs it would be a first for a commercial television station in Australia.

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  • At least it’s something – why don’t they give the gig to a handful of aussie proboggers – my bet is we’ll get the standard newspaper piece cut up a little, roughed up to make it “indie” and fed out as a blog piece – then they can say that yep, we’re on the cutting edge…

  • Ninemsn does do a ‘live event’ blog every now & then for popular events. Schapelle Corby, emmies etc all received very frequent blog posts. The content of these doesn’t seem to stay around for long though.
    I’m sure that others can & will do a better job than ninemsn (worst site design ever).

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